Club Blue Galaxy

Owned by DJ Godwin
Managed by: Shana
We have the best DJ's in RLC  


Club Blue Galaxy

♬♪ Wicked Wednesday  and Tantalizing  Thursday@ Club Blue Galaxy,
♬♪ Shana (Manager and Hostess)) ♬♪
♬♪ DJ Amon and DJ Aphrodite spinning your tunes ! ♪
♬♪We invite you to join us for one of the

hottest parties in RLC ♪
6:00 -12:00am CET (12:00 NOON - 6:00 PM EST)


DJ Godwin

The Birth of club blue galaxy

In November of 2015, the owner of Blue Dreams Gentlemen's club decided to close. Having known their hostess, Shana, for a long time and hosting at BDGC was her means of maintaining her VIP, Godwin decided to open Club Blue Galaxy.  Not only as a place for Shana to work, but for a place for all the BDBC regulars a place to party.  From the beigining it was planned that when and if BDBC were to reopen that Club Blue Galaxy would close.

Also, from CBG’s inception, there is one who played a major role in its planning and design, our lovely Busta. She has helped CBG in many ways. Greeting our guest, doing RAY drops (out of her own pocket), and paying staff. We wouldn’t be where we are without her.  

Club Blue Galaxy Lives on

The owner of BDGC decided not to reopen and with the closing of NNL, Club Blue Galxay lives on.  We have our bad days but overall our parties are great!  We have many regulars and they are considered family!.
We have dedicated DJs and staff who are like family. We fuss sometimes, but always make up. It is this dedication and family-like enviroment that makes Club Blue Galaxy the awesome place that it is. A place where sexy people go to hear the best music played by the best DJs in RLC and are treated as family!  That's Club Blue Galaxy.

DJ Godwin passed away March 31, 2017, from heart complications. It was his desire for Club Blue Galaxy to continue. So, under the leadership of Shana the club will go on. He would not want you to be sad but have fun. Remember how short life is and cherrish each day!   

Club blue galaxy has the best djs in rlc!

We are who we are because of YOU!

Team of Superheroes

DJ Godwin
DJ Godwin

2016 was a rough year for DJ Godwin.  We almost lost him a few ttimes.  From car wreck to heart attack, he's been through a lot, but has made it through


Shana is an award winning hostess!  She hase received the people's choice award three years.  She does pretty much everything at the club!  Creates our bulletins and spam, greets, and does tivia. 

DJ Amon

Award Winning DJ!
DJ Amon had been DJing in RLC and Eros Island for many years!
Come let him rock your world!  

DJ Aphrodite
DJ and Acting Manager

DJ Aphrodite is currently the acting manager of Club Blue Galaxy as Shana takes a breat to prepare for her up-coming wedding (RL)
She is an award winning DJ and Layout design Artist!