How do I become a DJ on RLC or Second Life?

How do I become a DJ in RLC or Second Life?

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Here is a list (although not exhaustive) to consider:

  1. Anyone can become a DJ in RLC or Second Life for starters! There is NO license or special permission to obtain from World Ops or Second Life
  2. Starting out as a new DJ will require WORK on your part.
  3. Obtaining the right tools
  4. At the very least, you will need to purchase a streaming plan. One main reason you need a streaming provider is that your personal internet connection is simply unable to handle the bandwidth that is required for all the listeners tuning in and the bandwidth needed.
  5. Consider your needs and your audience.
    • How many listeners you want to reach etc. (choose a plan with the desired number of listeners)
    • Look for quality for your money!
    • The higher the bitrate, the higher the sound quality. (128 Mbps is plenty good enough for RLC and Second Life).
    • Look for plans with AutoDJ included if you don't want to tie up your PC/MAC.   Auto DJ  allows you to stream your music 24/7 without the need of your personal computer running all that time. Upload your music files, start AutoDJ and you will be streaming 24/7.
  6. Broadcasting: If you plan to go live, and if you are a serious DJ, you will need a broadcasting program that will connect to your streaming server. One of the best is SAM Broadcaster Pro. We have high respect and use SAM Broadcaster Pro ourselves. However,  there are other Broadcasting Progams (some of which are free) that you can download/purchase. Check out the list here.
  7. Setting up the stream in your club or zaby:
    1. Using the prop editor, select or create a prop (many use the jukebox prop for this purpose). In the function window scroll to "play music script." Enter your stream URL which will look similar to this: (1234 being your port number). Click OK and all finished. Within seconds you will hear your stream. (Of course, you what to make certain AutoDJ is running.
  8. Advertise! Being a new DJ requires you to get the word out! We employee a professional RLC bulletin and graphic designer. Contact us for pricing.

Disclaimer: We only offer this article as helpful information.  We do not offer tech support for WinAmp and other Broadcasting Programs other than SAM Broadcaster Pro.
There are known issues of WinAmp not being able to connect when using Windows 10 and SHOUTcast v1.

If you have Windows 10 use a plan that offers SHOUTcast v2 or Liquidsoap


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