Pal Scripts And Other Scripts

  • $5.00 This PAL Script will clear the category(ies) in SAM Broadcaster that you choose and re-add music files from selected folders on your computer and import them automatically into the correct category(ies) for you. You have to need to edit the script to name the directory(ies) in your SAM Broadcaster and the location of the music folders on your computer. Then when you download new music to your computer and run this script, the new music will be added in the correct category for you and automatically! No more manually adding music files or directories. This script makes the process easy! Cost
Song and Track History Script

With this script, you can place on your webpage or profile page and your listeners can see the last tracks you or your Auto Stream has played.
This gives your listeners an idea of the type of music to expect on your station

Song Request Script

Song Request Script
With this script, you can place a widget on your web page or profile page and your listeners can make a song request and dedication. You will receive the request within seconds in your email inbox. You can play it immediately if you are DJing live or place the song in your Auto Stream system. Your listeners will enjoy being able to hear their favorite song and dedications on your station. This is an excellent way to build listener base.
$10.00 or 200 Rays