Tech Support for Non-QDJS services

Are you having problems with other software or services that are not ours?

Paid Tech Support

We are often asked for help with Windows and other software programs. Although our techs are not experts in every application, they do have a broad knowledge in many applications. If you have been given this link, that means you have spoken with a tech and is willing and able to assist you.

Reinstatment Fee

This fee is required to have your account reactivated. Your account is in suspended mode or has been terminated. Paying this fee will reestablish your account. This does not mean that any files that were removed if your account was terminated will be restored. You will have to re-upload them.

WinAmp Paid Support

WinAmp is not one of our supported products. However, because it is a free broadcasting program, we get many requests for help. This support method is for WinAmp users.

Remote Training Session

We know how overwhelming one can become with working with a new system or control panel. So, we offer remote training. For a small fee of $30.00 per session, one of our trained technicians will connect remotely to your computer while talking you through different exercises using Skype.
One session is one hour. You will be surprised how much can be covered in one hour.

Music Player Design

We create your custom profile player.

File Transfer

Cost of File(s) Created by Quality DJ Streaming


Remote PC will be the program we use for help/support

RLC VIP - Gift

Find Yourself "green" basic member?
Transfer $23.00 via PayPal and we will gift you VIP