I am a Club owner in RLC and use your stream, how do I get started?

Your ultimate goal is to not have to make constant music script changes.  This allows for a smooth transition from DJ to DJ and no longer the need for the use of an internet radio stream script (because you can use your own music 24/7!

 WHMSonic Users:

 Log into your account.

  1. From the left menu bar, select “AutoDJ Playlist Manager”
  2. Create a new playlist by clicking on the large golden start.
  3. You can name the playlist whatever you like: i.e. “Rock” “50s”  “POP”  etc.
  4. Then select the playlist you just created from the dropdown menu in the playlist manager
  5. At this point, there will be no songs shown. You can upload music files directly from here by clicking the “Upload New Music” button or use an outside FTP program like FileZila. The use of a FTP program is generally quicker because it’s not browser dependent.

 Using FileZila

  1. When the program opens, click file, site mananger.
  2. When the window opens you will need information that was sent to you in your welcome email.
    1. In the box that says host: put the IP address
    2. Port box: Leave empty
    3. Protocol: Click the dropdown arrow and select SFTP-SSHFile Transfer Protocol
    4. Logon Type: Normal (if you share your PC you may want to select “ask for password” but that would require you to enter your password each session.
    5. User:  Your unique user name from your welcome email
    6. Password: Your unique user password from your welcome email
    7. Click Connect
    8. When you click connect, you will land directly in your cloud server identified by your username.
    9. Click the plus sign
    10. Click on the “radio” folder then the plus sign beside it
    11. Click on the “musicbase” folder then plus sign beside it (the other folders are used internally, so please do not alter them).
    12. You will see a folder that has the name of the playlist you created earlier.
    13. Click on the folder
    14. In the lower-left window of FileZilla you will see the files on your PC. Locate the files you want to upload.  You can select one file, alternately files holding down the crt key and clicking or  a list of files by holding down the shift key and clicking on the first and last file.  You can also select them all using crt+a.
    15. After the files finish uploading, go back to your playlist manager in cpanel and select the playlist from the dropdown menu. 
    16. Click “Refresh” and now you will see the files listed you just uploaded.
    17. Click Activate to make this playlist the active AutoDJ source.
    18. All Done!


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