What is on-demand streaming? How do I set it up?

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On-demand streaming works by uploading your audio to our servers.

When listeners click a play button on your website (personal page or profile page), it plays the file on demand from your site. 

Our system is designed to make managing the process very easy for you and impressive for your audience. You simply login to our custom web based control panel,
click a button to select your audio or video file on your desktop and it will automatically upload it to our server.

On-demand is perfect for short-form audio or video programming. Additionally, the content can be password protected so you can use our on-demand stream hosting for educational,
or marketing purposes.

Setup Instuctions:

Publishing On-demand Content

To add files for listeners to download or stream:

  1. Click the Files link under the AutoDJ heading in your client area.
  2. Click the ondemand folder in the left-hand folder pane.
  3. Click the Upload button to upload files into the ondemand folder. Any files you upload to this folder will immediately be published in your On-demand Content widget.

To remove files from the widget, simply select the file(s) to remove and click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

The code for creating the "On Demand" widget is found in your control panel under widgets



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